Let's smile: us, you, even the planet

our GREEN commitment

We decided to begin a journey to help make cleaner seas, a less polluted world and a more equitable society. We believe in choice rather than consumption and know that together we can make a difference for a better world for all.

We work hard every day trying to preserve our land and improve the society in which we live, and we are convinced that if everyone pursued even part of this path, much better results would be achieved. What follows is a description of what we, together with our guests, will try to do to best pursue our philosophy of sustainability:


  • The customer receives a 5 euro voucher to use within our facility if they decide not to have their room made up. For every voucher delivered, the Club La Villa hotel will make a €2 donation to the GREEN 2023 project.
  • The more we recycle + donate. Our waste disposal company will give us financial compensation for increased recycling collection, which we will use for our green project.

Together is better

  • Unless specifically requested, we do not print invoices and receipts;
  • We will limit plastic containers by preferring glass and paper
  • We hydrate our customers with filtered tap water using flasks and cups made of recyclable materials
  • With the purchase of our "summer 2023 water bottle" you will always have free water at the hotel by asking our staff to refill it.
  • We have drastically reduced plastic bottles in the Breakfast Room, at the bars, and in the minibar in all rooms. We don't want to stop there, because one of our goals is to reduce plastic consumption in the Hotel whenever possible.
  • Straws are only made of paper
  • Zero emissions when you move around: for your travels you have the new city bikes of the Club La Villa hotel and you have the possibility on request to rent e-bikes for inland excursions

Environmentally friendly meal organization

  • We removed the tablecloths to save on washing and minimize detergent use.
  • We will waste as little as possible while trying to maximize energy and food supplies.
  • We primarily choose suppliers in the area: limited routes in the delivery of goods along with a guaranteed, quality product.
  • We are studying how to be supported by technology to further limit waste.

Careful and conscious waste management

  • We adopt careful recycling.
  • We involve customers in this activity: all common areas are organized with differentiated bins (paper, plastic, and mixed waste).
  • We apply strict training protocols for careful collection of all our employees.
  • We will ask our guests to abide by our rules to improve the environment.

The more we recycle + donate

Our entire facility is constantly being modified to save energy

  • We are replacing with LED technology in all our lighting points.
  • We designed our verandas to make the most of daylight.
  • Our boilers are condensing and of the latest generation.
  • We will turn on lights only when necessary and make maximum use of natural light from our windows.

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