Your holidays in Abruzzo between natural parks and coasts that will take your breath away

Abruzzo is a generous region, to be traveled at breakneck speed, from the mountains to the sea. The territory includes environmental niches of rare beauty, such as the numerous National and Regional Parks in which flora and fauna are monitored and protected. But yoyu'll find  numerous winter sports tracks fof your fun, or, if you're lookin' for relaxation there are also many seaside resorts, golden beaches and spas.

The Nature, in Abruzzo, lives side by side with history and tradition, in fact throughout the region there are several cities where monuments, museums and buildings tell their ancient story to tourists who like to spend a more cultural holiday.

Parks In Abruzzo

The environment is an important resource for the Abruzzo region, an uncontaminated and precious pearl to protect, for this reason there are several protected natural parks and oases. The spontaneous flora and the animals that live in the parks are protected by laws and authorities that manage and protects areas accessible to tourists without upsetting the internal ecosystem. The National Park of Abruzzo, the Gran Sasso National Park – Laga, the Maiella – Morrone National Park and the Velino – Sirente Regional Park are vast protected areas, but they are not the only ones in the region, which has always felt intensely need to protect the environment.

The Province of Teramo

From the mountains to the sea

A complete holiday immersed in different natural environments, ranging from the Calderone glacier to the golden beaches of the Adriatic coast, through art cities rich in history, such as the wonderful Atri, embellished with monuments and a spectacular Romanesque cathedral. The province of Teramo is built like a mosaic in which nature and culture merge and merge, in a generous territory where the hospitality of its people offers with pride a thousand attractions, excursions and food and wine tours.

The seven sisters of the Adriatic coast

Like a book of ancient legends, the seven most famous seaside resorts in the province of Teramo, from north to south, open to tourists who want to experience them: Martinsicuro, Alba Adriatica, Giulianova, Roseto, Tortoreto, Pineto and Silvi are their names. Like seven sisters ready to offer their best gifts, golden beaches and the bluest sea. The breeze that blows from the sea fuses the iodized scent of the coast with maritime pines and oleanders, to accompany walks along the promenade.

Teramo, a province rich in history

The province of Teramo has welcomed ancient civilizations since the pre-Christian era. Proof of this, there are traces of the Campovalano necropolis, in which tens of thousands of graves have been found to testify the Piceni civilization that lived there. Also the center of Giulianova was built in Roman times, and in Teramo there is a theater and an amphitheater, both of rare beauty. The aforementioned Atri is a fundamental stop for those who love discovering traces of ancient peoples, the Romanesque cathedral is the main attraction of the village, but certainly not the only one.

Apennines to be discovered

They mark a natural boundary to the province of Teramo, the Gran Sasso and the mountains of Laga, where the homonymous National Park rises, and give the area an area where nature and sport coexist and offer tourists the places of excursion rich in foreshortenings breathtaking, like waterfalls and forests to be discovered step by step, from valley to valley.

Abruzzo Beaches

Alongside the glimpses of the Apennines, Abruzzo offers tourists who choose to spend their holidays many seaside resorts, where relaxation and golden beaches can not leave indifferent. The Adriatic coast, in the provinces of Teramo, Chieti and Pescara, extends from the south to the north of the region with its glimpses of rare beauty, where you can find hotels and accommodation facilities for all types of tourism, from the eco-friendly to tourism luxury all inclusive.

Relaxing between lakes and spas in Abruzzo

There are those who love the sport holiday, and those who think that a holiday should be first of all relaxing, a pleasure that can make you forget the stress of the city. For those who want to relax, the ideal holiday is lived on the shores of a lake, breathing the scents of the surrounding nature. In Abruzzo the lakes of Barrea, Penne and Scanno are oases where you can immerse yourself and spend relaxing holidays.

Wellbeing and relaxation are also the key words in the spa facilities, pampered by the benefits of water massages. In Abruzzo there are several spas, in several provinces, among the main ones, the Baths of Caramanico, the Baths of Popoli, the Baths of Raiano and the Baths of Canistro.